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Dev Chandan

Hey! I am Dev Chandan, Founder of; an entrepreneur wishing to share knowledge about online marketing with every possible e-business man.

I have 5+ years of experience in online marketing field, working with a mission to spread the literacy of online marketing tools to people who want to use search engine optimization for the best results of their products and services on net.

Founded 2016

I founded in 2016 as a platform to teach people about search engine optimization, online marketing strategies. I want to make it that way that people learn something new about e-marketing on visiting my site.

I wish to share my ideas, thoughts and experience through this website with entrepreneurs and e-business men who want to know about the basics of success in building their business.

Hobby turned to profession

I started learning about search engine optimization when I was doing my 11Th Std. On seeing my graduate friend using Google for learning and improving knowledge, I learnt the same from him.

Fine, that day on, I have been learning something new about internet marketing, Google analytics, search engine optimization and it is all a small part of an ocean anyhow. I feel I need to continue learning every day one thing or the other and that way to expand knowledge.

Well, isn’t it a fact that everyone starts his profession for money? But when your profession turns out to be your passion, you look different and feel committed. I am of that kind.

Grow up

Today, I have grown to the level that I have started this website to help people who are new in the field of online marketing and those who need some support for improving their sales. I wish to lend my support in their every step for success. I believe strongly in gathering knowledge as the key to success.

I wish people learn something new, grow up with my teachings through this platform and finally reach out to the level of standing out from the crowd in their marketing strategies.

Hard work is the key to success

I feel strongly in working towards a goal with ceaseless learning and hard work so that you can reach out to your goal in a short time despite the roadblocks you come across on the way. So, I wish this website to promote positive attitude and confidence in the minds of guests who visit my pages (through getting them know about various SEO strategies they need to use in reaching out to their target). My aim is to widen their knowledge by updating the latest e-business environment through site blogs.

What is the need to know SEO strategies?

You may wonder why I insist on updating SEO strategies and the need for an entrepreneur to get familiarized with them. The need of the hour for an e-business man is to stand at the top of the list in search engine result pages and rank high to get good traffic. That is the way to show up business and stand out from the crowd. For this, any entrepreneur should be smart enough to apply strategies that take him to the top of the search engine result pages.

Online marketing tools-essential to know

Any start up business is like a sapling that needs some support to grow and shape into a full-fledged plant. Left alone, it loses its strength and withers away. So, a person who wants to own business should know what online marketing tools he needs to apply for growing his business, making it stable and attracting potential customers.

What do I wish to do for you?

Searching for strategies on Google or getting professional assistance can be there as options for coming up in e-businesses. Above all, personal knowledge and the ability to understand how these strategies work should be there to make one’s enterprises successful. Suppose somebody stands as a facilitator before you to share his ideas and knowledge with you, you feel well and good. I am here standing before you through this platform to give that knowledge which is essential for your understanding of search engine optimization, strategies for profitable e-business and other such things.

Why the name ‘Growupbud’?

Growing is a sure sign of development. A child grows to an adult. Likewise, any business has to grow to show success.

Years to come

This platform will turn big in the years to come with the introduction of more new websites and awareness programs for the entrepreneurs to benefit and gain knowledge. My newsletters and flash messages on the site are intended to reach out to my readers on time to help them update their knowledge about online marketing so that they can take wise decisions about improving their business.

My website will be expanded gradually to thee extent of inviting guest posts from people who have similar ideas to promote knowledge about online marketing tools among  business men and entrepreneurs who need to know about search engine optimization and other online marketing  tools.

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